The Lenders are crypto/DeFi native users and institutions, who are looking for a set in stone solution allowing them to capture а part of the interest the market-neutral strategies are generating on centralized exchanges and private capital markets without the complexity of running the infrastructure to execute the trades or having access to an institutional-grade lending desk.

  • Single-borrower pool: You decide who to lend to. No more consolidated risk among dozens of borrowers. You are lending to a single entity, executing a clear investment strategy. Not a number of lenders, most of whom you have never head of.

  • Fixed terms: Fixed maturity that matches your investment horizon. Predictable, fixed in-kind yield locked today. Fixed collateral - both in terms of type and coverage levels.

  • Risk management: Full transparency. Independent credit ratings. Permissionless collateral custody and transfer.

  • Yield on every asset: Stables and blue chips are widely available. On top of them, LombardFi improve markets’ capital efficiency by making mid-, smallcap or obscured assets productive again.

How does it work?

The key parameters of each loan requested are defined in the so-called “Term Sheet” that is presented to the Lenders once the pool is created and the bonding period begins.

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