LombardFi in a Nutshell

Fixed Terms. All the Coins.

LombardFi is a permissionless, reputation-based liquidity protocol facilitating fixed-term borrowing of all the assets on the Ethereum network. The main actors are:

Borrowers, who can request any ERC20 token, pledge a collateral of size and type they feel comfortable with, select maturity of the debt facility, and offer a fixed rate in return. All done in a transparent and isolated manner, ultimately using one of protocol’s user-friendly interfaces. Lenders can assess the creditworthiness of the borrowers and enter the pool that offers the yield, collateralization, and duration that satisfy their risk tolerance.

LombardFi aims to bridge the gap between institutional investors, deploying sophisticated trading infrastructure and strategies on one hand, and the passive crypto investors, on another.

Ultimately, the lenders will be able to capture the rates available on the private crypto lending markets and centralized trading venues without the need to constantly monitor and rebalance their positions. Borrowers, on another hand, will be able to secure inventory in a predictable and capital-efficient manner.

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