Project Roadmap


  • LombardFi is deployed on Ethereum Mainnet with first verified borrowers being Nexo, Wintermute and SCP among others. Focus on adoption and commercialization.


  • Development of analyticals tools: official DuneAnalytics dashboard.

  • Product integrations with leading non-custodial wallets, yield and traffic aggregators.

  • Integrating insurance protection from potential principal loss in case of a default. We are in active conversations with several parties interested in acting as a safeguard for our users.

  • As opportunities on other blockchains emerge, we will be looking for alternative networks to deploy our codebase. The EVM-compatible chains are a priority.

  • We will start our path to decentralization by voting on the issuance of $LMD token.


  • LombardFi aims to introduce government bond yields into the protocol. The team is looking for counterparties with bank and custody licenses to facilitate the deal, where LombardFi will be tokenizing the securities held. By doing so, we will bring real yields to the DeFi space, effectively allowing all kinds of users to purchase treasury bills without friction. Although we are in active discussions with possible counterparties, the service is pushed to the bottom of our priority list due to regulatory uncertainty and the constantly evolving landscape.

  • With the rise of digital identity projects, LombardFi will expand the list of targeted borrowers from well-known crypto institutions to natural persons with on-chain reputation.

  • The team is looking to expand the scope of the borrowers sourcing funds from the Protocol by onboarding traditional financial institutions and businesses onto the platform.

  • Founded as a peer-to-peer lending platform, LombardFi’s goal is to ultimately cover all services offered by a full-scale OTC desk including bilateral futures/forward and option contracts.

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